Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Highs and Lows of Last Night's WI Election

Here's a quick summary of last night's elections in Wisconsin:

  • Scott Walker won by an astounding margin, despite the media claiming it a "dead heat" race. Walker finished up by 7 points -- a 5 point jump from his 2 point win in 2010.  (As a side note, these "exit polls" are yet another example of the media's blatant incompetence on reporting the numbers, the facts, and the news. With this correct information so readily available to the public for verification, one does have to wonder -- are they really that clueless on how to do simple reporting or are they just that biased?)
  • Democrats challenged Walker's voter ID law just in time for it to be suspended by a Madison judge (who signed the recall petition) for the recall election, but that issue will be resolved before November.  In other words, President Obama won't be able to count on the 1-3% fraudulent votes from paid out of state votes, dead people voting, and leftists "voting early/voting often."
  • In the face of defeat, liberals once again showed their true colors of hatred and tendency toward violent speech, resorting to crude death threats against Governor Walker on Twitter. On, the site has recorded some of the more colorful threats. So much for open-mindedness and toleration.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Biden Apologies, Obama Confirms He's a Fence-Sitter

The Huffington Post reports today that Vice President Joe Biden apologized to the President for speaking on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief on the issue of gay marriage.

According to the Huffington Post (emphasis mine):
Obama accepted his vice president's apology, saying he knew Biden was speaking from his heart when he declared in a television interview that he was "absolutely comfortable" with gay couples marrying. 
Biden's comments pushed gay marriage to the forefront of the presidential race and focused a fresh spotlight on Obama's vague position on the matter. The president, who once opposed gay marriage, had been saying for more than a year that his personal views were "evolving." 
The vice president spoke out on gay marriage without White House consent, leaving Obama aides deeply frustrated. 
In an interview with ABC News, Obama said he wasn't angry at Biden, though he thought the vice president had gotten "a little bit over his skis" by voicing his support for gay marriage ahead of his boss. 
"Would I have preferred to have done this in my own way, in my own terms, without I think, there being a lot of notice to everybody? Sure," Obama said. "But all's well that ends well."
In other words, had Biden stayed out of the way, Obama would have again voted "present" and skirted the issue.  He could have "done this" in his own way by continuing to ride the fence and ignore the topic, all the while "without...a lot of notice to everybody." Silly, Gaffer, for ruining those plans.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barack Obama on Amendment One: Champion of Civil Rights or Political Campaigning?

All Hail President Barack Obama, Champion of Civil Rights, Defender of Equality.

After waiting for 29 other states to make similar provisions regarding "gay marriage," he finally stepped off the fence and made a statement. He supports gay marriage.  I'd like to say that he "took a stand" in favor of equality, but that's not the case. While diehard Obama fanatics will defend his new-found position to their graves, claiming it marks him as a brave defender of the underdog, the protector of the little person, the representative for downtrodden, unprotected minority, the real world sees this ploy for what it is: a desperate chance to cling to supporters he has been losing.  Nothing more.

In the same day that news spread that his voter base would rather vote for an inmate than continue supporting the President, Mr. Obama did not cast his support in favor of anything. He simply appealed to the voter base he is afraid of losing. Make no mistake about it, before he made his casting his support for gay marriage -- effectively making a statement against North Carolina's Amendment One -- he was losing support. Big time. (Feel free to visit's website to view a plethora of petitions to change the site of the upcoming DNC to a different location in protest of North Carolina's decision as one such example. Note: some of the petitions have been removed since Barack's endorsement in favor of gay marriage.)

His conveniently-timed reversal means one thing: money. The man is the Fundraiser In-Chief.  Now, if you missed your opportunity on Twitter to get a free dinner and photo op with Obama and actor George Clooney, you still have a mulligan opportunity: throw down $40,000 for a fundraising dinner to support Barry's campaign. 

Yes, we know he still thinks the United States military is out in the world defending him and him alone, but is he really returning the favor to the world by defending the civil rights of the helpless? No. Barack Obama had 29 other state vote opportunities to take a stand, but he chose to sit on the fence. His support of gay marriage would have been historic if he had lead the way, if he had been in campaigning in North Carolina as the debate slowly swung in favor of passing the amendment, or you know, if he would have been actually leading the issue. Instead, he let Biden go out and do the talking for him "on behalf of the administration," because he couldn't be caught dead making a statement if he didn't have to. Mr. Obama spends the majority of his president snaking silently along, avoiding answers to hard questions, acting appalled when people have the audacity to question his political question mark of a track record, and continuing to vote "present" instead of giving a firm 'Yay' or 'Nay' on hot topic issues.

On the issue of gay marriage, the president has quietly sat in the shadows for the last three years hoping that the nation's vision is actually based on movement, and so long as he stayed still, we'd never know he was there. Saying nothing. Taking a stand for nothing. Voting "present."

Biden, FREEZE!

Despite his propaganda spinning the "war on women," despite his condemnation and meddling in the Trayvon Martin case, and despite his stance on homosexual marriages yesterday, the fact still remains:

If Barack Obama REALLY wants to defend the downtrodden and protect the unprotected in the name of civil rights, he needs to let his stance on abortion do some "evolving" as well.

Until Mr. Obama is willing to fight for the constitutional right to life for the unborn human children that are being systematically murdered each year, Obama's words are empty. To champion liberty and civil rights, the president can't selectively pick which group he wants to defend and which he wants to ignore.  Sure, various civil liberty groups may cheer in the meantime and erect statues in his name, but to those of us who understand the grave implications of a nation who does not value the lives of its most vulnerable, the most helpless underdog segment of our community, we will continue to wait for the President's statement condemning abortion.

Let the outrage continuing to bubble up among the civil rights community at the atrocities of injustice and inequality start and end with a presidential statement affirming our most basic civil and constitutional right: life.


Friday, May 4, 2012

The *REAL* Life of Julia

If you haven't had a chance to check out Obama's latest propaganda tactics and attempts to spin the so-called "War on Women," be sure to scroll through the campaign's new imaginary timeline, The Life of Julia, which follows a fictitious female beneficiary who profits from a lifetime of glorious programs under the reign of King Obama.

No joke.

Admittedly, neither author of this blog has seen eye to eye with this administration's policies in general, but as a woman, I find this beyond offensive.  No part of Julia's lifetime of patronizing dependence on government assistance, reckless spending other taxpayers' money, or her  apparent complacency for a welfare state screams "liberation" and "progress for women."

Take a look below at what changes has the administration already brought to the nation through our creation of "The (Real) Life of Julia," and if you have additional suggestions, comment below and we'll add to what Julia's life really looks like under this failed presidency! 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Want To Be Obama's Speechwriter!

...especially if it only involves copying and pasting the same rhetoric from previous speeches and using certain phrases over and over...and over again.

Take a look at this video (embedded below):

CAUTION: we do not recommend turning this into a drinking game for each time you hear a country being listed as our strongest / closest / oldest ally.

Bonus: after watching the video, please feel free to take this short multiple choice quiz (below) to test what you learned about the rhetoric of Obama's foreign policy.

Question 1. According to POTUS, what country is our strongest / closest ally?
 A. Holland
 B. Netherlands
 C. Australia
 D. Poland
 E. Great Britain
 F. Germany
 G. Republic of Korea
 H. Israel
 I. France (our oldest ally)
 J. Italy
 K. Japan
 L. All of the above

Question 2: According to POTUS, which country continually "punches above its weight" class in foreign affairs?
 A. Denmark
 B. Norway
 C. Holland
 D. Ireland
 E. Philippines
 F. All of the above

Question 3: What is the most likely source of Obama's repetitive speeches?
 A. Faulty copy - paste keys on the speechwriter's keyboard
 B. A broken teleprompter
 C. Lazy speechwriters dependent on parroting key talking points to try in a last ditch effort to keep all of their facts straight.
 D. All of the above.

Below is another speechwriting gem from POTUS on the health insurance mandate. This video captures highlights from a 2011 speech and puts it side by side with a more recent recycled rhetoric from 2012.

I suppose that Obama is clinging on to the hope that the more he repeats himself to the point of ad nauseam, that his statements will somehow magically contain more truth. Though, you'd think that by the second time around when Obama gives the exact same speech, he'd at least stutter a little less. 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Occu-Mom Gems

You may recall the Occupy Wall Street mother who used her children to barricade a door, but this Occu-Mom trumps that insanity by far.  This Portland mom decided to place her 4 year-old daughter on railroad tracks.

Here's to you, Time Magazine's "Person of the Year"! Bring on the lunacy!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Barney Frank, Leading Contributor to the 2008 Financial Crisis, RETIRES!


Good riddance to bad rubbish! The man who was once romantically involved with the high-level Fannie Mae executive who helped develop the lending programs that ultimately led to the total breakdown and collapse of the subprime mortgage market and fueled the economic explosion that we are still suffering through is officially retiring.  After receiving campaign contributions from the failing subprime giants, it's no wonder that Frank defended their existence and denied their financial problems until their collapse, claiming the problems were “exaggerated.”

Mass Media & OWS, take note: You want accountability for the current economic problems, here’s your man.